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Lab. Instruments


(1) – Hardwares –

.3-D highspeed camera system(DITECT, HAS-220: 200fps, 400fps, 504pixels*243pixels, 1/10,000sec -3 sets- )

.Highspeed camera (DITECT, HAS-500, 500fps:1,024pixels*992pixels – 4,000fps:256pixels*112pixels, 1/500,000sec -2 sets-)

.3-D highspeed camera system (DITECT, HAS-D3, 480fps:1,696*1,710pixels – 10,000fps:320*240pixels -3 sets-)

.Parallel computing system (Core i7, 2.8GHz, 1GMemory, Linux, * 32)

.Rapid prototyping(Unirapid, Unirapid II: Layer0.05mm,150mm*150mm*150mm)

Examples of molding

.3D printer (uPRINT: W660×D670×H800, Layer0.254mm )


.3D printer (MITS: M3DS-100)

.Small machining center (MP-150A-HP,CANON ELECTRONICS INC.:150mm*150mm*100mm)

.Machine tools (Bench type milling machine, Bench lathe, Bench drilling machine, Band saw)

.Prototyping printed board making system (LPKF Japan Co., Ltd.: ProtoMatC40E)

(2) – Softwares –

.Visualization software (KGT, MicroAVS ver.20, paraView)

.CAD (Autodesk Inventor)

.Compiler (BCC++, VCC++, Assemblers for H8 and PIC)

.CFD (openFOAM)



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