After successfully completing the course, you will have a good understanding of the following topics and their applications:
. Link manipulator model
. Mathematical formula between robot hand position/posture and joint displacement/angle
. Mathematical formula between robot hand velocity and joint velocity
. Forward/inverse kinematics of a link manipulator
. Statics of a link manipulator
. Dynamics of a link manipulator
. Manipulability

Course Meeting Times

Lectures (5 days): 5 sessions / day, 50 minutes / session
Exercises (5 days): 1 session / day, 50 minutes / session
(The last exercise is the exam.)




There is a 50-minutes exam at last class time. The use of calculators or notes is not permitted during the exam.


Problem sets (4 exercises): 60%, Final exam: 40%


Problem Set01 Ans.
Problem Set02 Ans.
Problem Set03 Ans.
Problem Set04 Ans.
Exam Ans.

Additional Materials

.Slide: Introduction
.Slide: Materials
.Singular value decomposition
.Link parameters
.Newton Raphson method

Examples for Robot Manipulation

. CAD model animation
. Demonstration by 2009 year students
. Demonstration by 2016 year students